Thursday, June 2, 2016

Just Enjoying The Flowers

 I think every gardener has a critical eye when it comes to their own garden. I know I do. As I walk through the beds I focus on the bare spots, the plants that could be doing better, a bit of insect damage here and there and a number of other blemishes that mostly only we can see.

 But it is important to learn to look past those imperfections and focus on the amazing beauty that the gardens offer up this time of year.

Bearded Iris
 Sometimes we are the only ones that see the pretty scenes in our gardens too. Visitors may take in the big picture or see only the plants that they are interested in personally.

 Allow me to indulge in some of the amazing blooms that are decorating my gardens this time of year. All of them are my favorites that are putting on a lovely show during our dreary weather.






Alex A said...

Love all your purple!!!!!

RobinL said...

Even though our climates are quite different, there's just something about May in the garden. I would venture to say that mine was peaking there at the end of May! Lots of lovely things there Sheila!

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Unknown said...

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Anonymous said...

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Shop hoa TPHCM said...

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