Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Getting Picky

This is Joseph's Coat climbing rose that is on my list to relocate this winter. I put it in about three years ago to cover the pillars in front of the house in SJC and it has been a big disappointment. It rarely ever blooms and is plagued with bugs all summer, a sure sign it is in the wrong spot. I have seen it looking amazing in other people's gardens. Most likely not enough sun in the spot it is in (actually there are two of them, one on each column). I will be on the lookout for something with charm and requirements that are more consistent with this space and Joseph's Coat will move to the sunny back yard. No use fighting Mother Nature!


Ellie Mae's Cottage said...

I fight with plants too often in the wrong spot when I should just move them. I think you have the right idea. If it's not performing where it is then mother nature is telling you something. Have you checked out the Rose Man( Even though you don't live nearby he has a really comprehensive list of roses on his web site and the conditions they should be in. You may find something else that would work better there. Good luck! -Jackie

James Missier said...

hi, just drop by from Blotanical.

Lovely roses, Good luck in the new location - hope you find the right spot for it.

VW said...

My dad really enjoys his Joseph's Coat rose, good luck siting yours in a happier spot.