Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Simple Steps

Although my two gardens were created by the same person (me) they are as different as day and night. The Laguna garden is on a steep slope and was created out of a natural field with only a few eucalyptus and avocado trees as a foundation. All the hardscape was put in by me and has a very natural feel to it, as does the entire garden. San Juan Capistrano hardscape was all completed when we moved in and has a very formal, Mediterranean feel to it. I have to admit that because most of our time is spent at the SJC home, that is where most of the work in the gardens gets done. Few people see my Laguna garden anymore other than us and it is starting to show some neglect that comes from not having its "owner" there doing the fine details even though there are my workers there on a regular basis keeping things in check. Next week I have tree trimmers coming to Laguna to do some much needed clean up and I will take note of projects to complete over the next six months to spruce the place up a bit. Nevertheless, it waits patiently for me.


Tatyana@MySecretGarden said...

Nice steps! I wish I could have some steps in my garden, but our lot is flat.

Ellie Mae's Cottage said...

I love steps with moss growing on them in a garden. They are so interesting and sculptural. -Jackie

texasdaisey said...

They turned out really nice. I have a place that I hope to build some steps down a slope. I will definitely have to keep these in mind for my slope.