Monday, November 29, 2010

Soooo Cold!

The weather here has been unusually cold this week with nighttime temperatures dipping down into the 30's. There is a threat of frost which will play havoc with the tropical plants like this banana tree that finally has started growing this year. Although it will recover and put out new growth from the base, if the temperatures do get down to freezing it will most likely lose these lush green leaves that have been flourishing with all the rain we have been having. We'll just have to wait and see how cold it gets!


Missy said...

Here it's in the 30s also but celcius.
Hope you don't get too much frost and your banana makes it through wonter unscathed.

Town Mouse said...

Yeah, it's been quite cold here as well. When I have ice on the birdbath, I know things are at the edge... Hope nothing you care for perishes completely. I expect I'll be fine, I gave up on bouganvilla years ago, and the jade plant always recovers.