Tuesday, December 7, 2010


My European birch tree is an indulgence in our neck of the woods. It requires regular water to look good (I have a few in my Laguna garden that I put in way before I understood anything about plant requirements and they show it!). This is my little garden outside the front door in SJC and it is filled with plants that need more water than the typical drought tolerant selections that populate the rest of the property. I get to see the leaves change on this graceful weeping tree in the late fall and look forward to the buds of new growth in the spring. It sways with the slightest breeze. I can plant all kinds of flowers at the base and not worry about it being over watered and prone to disease. It is a romantic tree in a bit of a fantasy garden, just a tiny one, and it is my indulgence!


Barbara @ Bees and Chicks said...

I have some birch trees that were on my property when I moved here from the East Coast. A little reminder of the gardens I left behind. So pretty!

Karen - An Artist's Garden said...

It is a very beautiful indulgence - I love birch trees - they are so elegant.