Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Red Salvia Shrub

This red salvia shrub is one of the plants in my perennial garden that people ask the most about. I really do need to find the name of the cultivator to give to visitors. It is a reliable shrub with blooms almost year round. Of course it attracts hummingbirds like crazy and like other perennial salvias it is drought tolerant. I have two of them, but I did have to cut back the other one because it was getting a bit leggy, but this one is doing fine with little to no maintenance requirements for the couple years it has been in this spot. The only dilemma is it is crowding out a 'Nancy Regan' Rose that is growing nearby and I am quite fond of those beautiful peachy blooms. Someone may need to move.


scottweberpdx said...

Bautiful...I can see why you get a lot of compliments! I have S. 'Black & Blue' and 'Purple Majesty', which are both amazing, vigorous plants.

where to get salvia divinorum said...

@Scott... Do you have a blog which represents the given plants which you have mentioned in the above comment ?