Sunday, December 4, 2011

Growing Pains

I do love licorice plant (helichrysum). I love the soft shades of green of the various hybrids. I love the sweet little leaves that are soft and fuzzy. I love its easy nature and drought tolerance ways, its resistance to bugs and disease. About the only thing that bothers me about this charming perennial is that it has a tendency to take over and grow huge when left alone. A couple years ago this helichrysum was a sweet little ground hugging shrubby perennial that mixed and mingled around the feet of my little ram. It was planted in with a group of pink blooming shrubs and perennials and the color was a lovely combination. But as it will, it grew and grew and pruning eventually turned it into a huge ball that has completely enveloped my sweet pink Knock Out rose that grows next to the thug. My poor ram looks like it is hiding from some unknown culprit. What will I do? Cutting this plant back will leave an unsightly tangle of deadwood that will only end up filling back in and I will soon be in the same boat. I think the best thing to do it just start over with a smaller version, watch it carefully to keep it in check, and move this big guy back to a spot that needs a quick filler - away from any unassuming neighboring plants. Excuse me while I add that to my list of things to do!


Faylinn said...

I think it's as nice as it is .. Move the ram a little further away so it is visible = 0)

HolleyGarden said...

"My poor ram looks like it is hiding from some unknown culprit." hahahaha I hadn't looked at it that way until you mentioned it! If your list of things to do is like mine, your poor ram may not make it until then!

Hoover Boo said...

My experience matches yours. It makes a wonderful mass for a while, then a dead thatch build-up means it's time to pull it all out and replace it with a fresh plant. I think I'm okay with that. At least it doesn't reseed everywhere!