Thursday, December 27, 2012


Sorry for the lack of postings! It's been weeks since I've done anything more than hurry past the gardens, trying not to look at everything that is waiting my attention. The family holidays take up all my time for a while, but as they wind down I am looking forward to getting back into the garden for some much needed therapy - for me and the plants! The days have started getting longer and we are having a good rainy season so far. The spring bulbs are starting to push through the soil and it is time to cut back and strip all the roses for their annual nap. Hope you all had a lovely holiday season and a Happy New Year!


Sheila from La Mesa said...

Hi Sheila, I'm another Sheila who gardens (mostly with succulents) and I love reading your blog (seeing the roses that are missing from my drought tolerant garden). I'm glad you're back after a busy time of year, and am looking forward to continuing to be inspired by your lovely gardens!

Martin Neill said...

The garden will wait, and you'll get your jobs done in no time with renewed vigour!