Monday, July 15, 2013

Jacaranda Blooms, Finally

So if you look closely at the picture above you can see some purple blooms near the upper right. Those are my Jacaranda tree blooms in the SJC garden. I planted a Jacaranda in Laguna when I first started working on the garden there many years ago even though I was told it wouldn't bloom well because it didn't get hot enough. As it turned out "they" were wrong and I did get lovely blooms for a few years. Unfortunately I planted it where as it grew it blocked a neighbor's view. For many years the people that lived in the house whose view was blocked didn't complain and we all were happy, but once the house sold, neighbors started asking us to trim it. I eventually cut it down because it was always an issue and the constant trimming meant it never bloomed anyway.

When we moved into the SJC house and the view wasn't an issue I planted lots of trees for shade and the Jacaranda was one of them. It hasn't grown much yet and I was rather disappointed that it didn't bloom much when many other trees in the area are putting on quite a show. But finally this year we started getting some blooms. Not a lot, but it is a start.


Phillip Oliver said...

I've always admired this tree in photos. I don't believe I've ever seen on in person. Does it bloom all summer?

Sheila said...

Hi Phillip! It is interesting because it typically drops most of its fern like foliage in the spring and then the blooms come around the beginning of June and cover the entire tree for about two or three weeks. Then there is a big drop of blooms that create a blanket of purple underneath the tree that is either quite beautiful or a big mess depending on how you look at it! They are so profuse around here that they are used as street trees in the highway dividers in some towns. they do prefer hot, dry climates though.