Sunday, December 30, 2012

The Winter Bulbs

Although I planted tons of bulbs this fall, they are all late spring bloomers. I wish I had planted more winter bulbs like these narcissus that are blooming now and snowdrops that are blooming in the Laguna garden. I really could use the cheer in the garden at this time of year! I think I will order them early in the year so I don't forget and then they will just show up in the fall, like my bulbs did this year.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

The Winter Garden in Southern California

 I intentionally fill my gardens with some foliage plants that will go dormant in the winter. I like to see changes in the seasons.

 It is entirely possible to have a garden that looks the same year round in Southern California, and many of them do, but not mine. 

 The grapes and stone fruit trees loose their leaves, as do the wisteria, hydrangeas and fig trees. Boston ivy turns lovely shades of fall before going bare. Sweet gum trees and the birches loose all their foliage for a few months. Roses are cut back and stripped of foliage, forcing dormancy.

Of course there are still plants that maintain their year-round color so there is still lots of green to keep it looking fresh, especially after all the rain we have had so far this year. But on a day like today, waiting for a cold rainy storm to ascend upon us, walking around the garden is nice, but being indoors with a warm fire is nicer. The garden and I are in winter mode.

Thursday, December 27, 2012


Sorry for the lack of postings! It's been weeks since I've done anything more than hurry past the gardens, trying not to look at everything that is waiting my attention. The family holidays take up all my time for a while, but as they wind down I am looking forward to getting back into the garden for some much needed therapy - for me and the plants! The days have started getting longer and we are having a good rainy season so far. The spring bulbs are starting to push through the soil and it is time to cut back and strip all the roses for their annual nap. Hope you all had a lovely holiday season and a Happy New Year!