Wednesday, November 18, 2015

The Garden Waits

 It's been a busy month with little getting done in the gardens. I had bunion surgery in late October and have been somewhat incapacitated for too much activity. I did get a walk through the gardens once in a while, which was a little frustrating because there is so much to do and this is such a good time of year to do almost everything.  

 Most of the color is coming from a few potted plants I added for a dinner party we had last month.

 I'm almost healed and looking forward to getting back out there and keeping busy - at least until this expected monster El Nino sends me back indoors!

Yesterday I tagged a number of shrubs that have not fared well during the hot, dry summer to be removed by my garden helper this week. Hopefully I will be able to get to the nursery to pick up some replacements that can get established over the winter. With the holidays coming and the house filling up with family next week, I know my priorities will be elsewhere again soon. Luckily the garden isn't going anywhere, it's always waiting and carrying on without me. Thank goodness!