Monday, April 4, 2016

Signs of Life

 It has been a lovely spring for surprises in the gardens. Plants that were sleeping for months if not years have suddenly been replenished with the rain this winter (and I understand more is in the forecast). One example is this variegated acanthus I thought I had lost. You either love acanthus or not so much, but they are survivors in dry shade and a rich dark green, classical leaf and most of the time and I kind of love them! I planted this about a year ago and it faded fast in the dry summer, but looks revitatlized now. Let's see how it fares this summer.

Ajuga is one of my favorite groundcovers with lovely purple blooms low to the ground. Most of it disappeared over the past year, but I'm counting on this little patch that has hung on to grow again and refill the path edges.


RobinL said...

I have Chocolate Chip ajuga here, just about to bloom if spring would come back! We had a does of winter recently, even snow, but I think we are past that now. Please let it be so!

Linda said...

So beautiful, Sheila!

Silky said...

Very beautiful. Thanks for sharing.