Saturday, September 6, 2008

I (Heart) Tomatoes

Look what my loving husband brought me in from the garden! A lovely heart shaped tomato (with an aorta still attached!).


Anonymous said...

Isn't nature grand!

JGH said...

Hi Sheila - thanks for welcoming me on Blotanical. It was a couple of months ago, so don't feel bad if you don't remember!

How great that you have two beautiful gardens to tend. They are gorgeous! My brother lives in San Diego and Mexico and it just kills me that he doesn't grow anything.

I got some pentas for the first time this year. I'm hoping they stick around. We're expecting the hurricane up here in the northeast today. At least I won't have to water.

May you receive many more heart-shaped tomatoes!

My Mother's Garden said...

Hi Sheila~
I love this tomato! I hope that you and your husband enjoyed it together with smiles in your heart.

Your flower photos are lovely, I enjoyed the sentimental past of your love affair with the pink bearded? Iris that your grandmother used to grow :)

Two, two acre gardens! You are a busy and fortunate lady!

Thank you for the welcome on Blotanical and the kind words about my ceramic garden art.
Off to make more :)

Have a great day~