Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Compost Tomatoes

While we do compost everything, I doubt our piles get up to the recommended temperatures required to kill all the seeds in the mixture before it breaks down into a usable product. The proof of that is tomato plants that crop up everywhere when least expected. I spotted these little tomatoes on the ground mixed in with a bunch of bulbs coming up. I certainly didn't plant them there so it was either the compost or the birds and my bet is on the compost! It won't take long for one of my dogs to discover them and since they resemble tennis balls, they will become their property and never make it to the kitchen.

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Tatyana said...

This is very interesting for me! I have a compost pile and a composter. I try to avoid putting tomatoes in them. Last year, a huge tomato plant grew on my central flower bed. I certainly didn't put it there! Now, I see how it could happen! Thanks! I'll watch better what I am composting!