Sunday, October 24, 2010

Five Days of Rain

There is nothing like a good rain to clean off the spider webs, dust and dirt and show the garden at it's best. The greens seem a little more saturated and the colors of the fall flowers pop. There is new growth on the summer perennials that were cut back last month and everything is looking lush and sparkling in the Flying Rabbit Island planter bed.


Bangchik said...

Plants seem to be enjoying the five days of rain, and how they smile greenishly. The spiders should be busy now, building yet another piece of artwork. ~bangchik

debsgarden said...

I love your flying rabbit garden! Everything looks lush. we haven't had rain in several weeks, but predictions are for rain tonight and tomorrow. I have heard thunder in the distance, so hopefully it will be here soon!

Town Mouse said...

Oh, it really is not fair. Country Mouse has had a very good soaking in the last few days, and even in Southern California you have rain. The Santa Clara valley, though, got hardly any, 0.16 inches where I live.

Congratulations, though. I hope it will be a good start to a wet winter.