Thursday, October 28, 2010

Ligularia Blooms

I do love my various types of ligularia and often post pictures of the lovely foliage, which is why I grow them. I get questions about the blooms, which are quite sparse on most of them since I grow them in shady spots. I even cut off the blooms on many of them so all their energy goes into the foliage.

However right now my "leopard plant" ligularia is blooming away and since there is not much else going on in the area, I've left the blooms on to enjoy. So if you were wondering what ligularia blooms actually look like, here you go!


Shirley said...

That is indeed a pretty ligularia. I've always wanted to grow them, since selling them in the greenhouse, but don't have room. It's a sad dilemma which would require removal of grass, widening beds, labour....hmmmm...your photo is enticing though. Do you grow "The Rocket" ligularia too?

Sheila said...

Actually I've never seen 'The Rocket' for sale around here, or maybe I've just never noticed it. Ligularia is not that common of a plant in our area.

Northern Shade said...

They look good underneath the bold tropical foliage. The large leaves behind help make the yellow ligularia flowers stand out.

fer said...

A very beautiful bloom! I like how they contrast again the shape of the leafs