Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Just Fun

My Laguna garden has a lot more fun and unusual garden decor than my SJC gardens. They are both beautiful, just a bit different in feel due to the different ambiance of the design of the houses. The SJC house has a Mediterranean feel and the gardens (hopefully) reflect that, while the Laguna house is a funky little beach cottage, thus the funky garden art. I'm just glad I don't have to choose which is my favorite because I love them both!


debsgarden said...

I love the funky cat!

Paula Jo @ Home and garden Decor said...

This cat is just awesome and I assume it's meant to be either a birdbath or a bird feeder. I love it! What is it made from and where did you find it?

Sheila said...

Paula Jo - It is a hollow metal, maybe thin bronze or maybe just finished to look like it. I bought it years ago and I can't remember where! So sorry I can't be of more help!