Saturday, February 23, 2013

My Little Ornamental Pear

 I know ornamental pears trees (Pyrus calleryana) are very common trees in our area. Some might even call them pedestrian. They are considered an invasive species in some southern states.  In the wrong situation I am sure the petals that drop all over the ground may be a nuisance.

But every year about this time I am in awe of their beautiful white blossoms. I don't think I ever noticed them much until we moved to SJC where there are a number of them in our area. Oddly enough, I was at the Laguna house the other day and noticed for the first time a particularly lovely one at the house across the street that I am sure was there for many years, but I never paid it much attention. I put this one in the Moonlight Garden a couple years ago and it has never done much at all. This is the first year it has actually bloomed out, much to my delight! what a lovely addition to this part of the yard. It seems to come into bloom right at the time of year I need a little pre-spring pick-me-up. It is just lovely and I am so happy to see it coming into its own!


Lucy Corrander at Loose and Leafy said...

I'd willingly be invaded by a tree as beautiful as this.

Landscape Design By Lee said...

Enjoy your tree and its lovely blooms. It is one of the first signs of spring and I cannot wait to see them blooming here in the northeast!

RobinL said...

I think of it this way. They are so often used because they are beautiful! The pretty white flowers in spring, the glossy green leaves in summer, gorgeous fall colors, and even a strong shape in winter. What's not to love?