Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Anna Apples
 We are more than a little spoiled here in Southern California and we readily admit it. While the east coast is blanketed in many feet of snow, we are complaining about our rather cold temperatures this week as if we lived in Hawaii and it was a blizzard! It was 37 degrees this morning when I headed out at 6:45. Very cold for us. The day time temperatures often don't break 60. We're not used to being exposed to the cold, damp weather this long. We complain all day long.

Peach Tree Blossom
 But there are signs that spring is on its way. This weekend the temperatures are supposed to get into the high 70's. But more importantly, the garden is showing signs of new life.

First Daffodils
We planted hundreds of spring bulbs that are barely breaking ground, but some of the old established ones are starting to bloom. Anna apple trees, small but eager are in full bloom. The first blossom on a peach tree broke open today. It won't be long now, thank goodness!

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