Friday, March 8, 2013

The Yucca Tree

I remember planting this as a young yucca plant when it was flush to the ground. It was the centerpiece of a bed of succulents in a pocket of the grassy hill in Laguna formed by the creation of a terrace under the arbor. It has grown quite tall and actually is rather poorly positioned now as it blocks the view from the round-out in the walkway designed for seating. However I think we will just have to learn to look around it because I don't have the heart to remove it and I'm not sure it would survive being relocated at this size. I am not crazy about sharp, pointy shapes in the garden, but I do understand that they are a nice contrast to softer textures and therefor have a place. I am fond of the soft bluish-green coloring though.

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Red Maple Tree said...

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