Sunday, June 21, 2009

Looking Up

A truly wonderful garden for me is one that has interest in all directions, even up. I habitually look at the ground when I walk. I think most gardeners do. But I am delighted when I look up and find something to draw my attention overhead, like this passion flower that is dripping down from an arbor that is over a path in my Moonlight Garden. It was supposed to be an all white flower, obviously miss-marked. But I am granting it a reprieve to stay in this white garden since it is providing me with such charm.


Lzyjo said...

What a nice Pissiflora! I think the alternating colored petals are pretty! I hate when things are miss marked!

Jan said...

This is a nice passionflower vine. I do not have this vine in my garden, but am thinking about adding it to attract butterflies.

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