Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Gloom

Laguna Beach

San Juan Capistrano

There is a lot of whining going on around here about the weather we have been having. The overcast skies, drizzle and cool temperatures is not what everyone wants to see in July. It is typical for our area, but that doesn't make anyone more accepting of it. In SJC the sun occasionally comes out in the late afternoon, but not this week. Laguna hasn't seen a glimpse of the sun in ages. Our visitors coming this weekend from other states are going to freeze in this cool, damp weather, and fireworks will be obscured by clouds. As far as the gardens go, mildew is setting in on some susceptible plants and growth has slowed. But it is good weather for working in the garden, if you can motivate yourself to get out of bed!


Turling said...

Stupid June gloom.

Curbstone Valley Farm said...

We had some June Gloom yesterday, and I expected it back this morning...wanted it even, as I had some heavy lifting to do in the garden. No, blazing glorious sunshine...apparently our gloom slipped south. Feel free to send it back up here though :P

Katarina said...

And I thought California was always sunny... ;)

Jendi said...

It is always harder to get out of bed when it's gloomy!

Beautiful gardens, though!