Wednesday, October 20, 2010

To Brighten Gray Days

To say the weather here has been gray the past few rainy days is an understatement! It has been the kind of days that require the lights to be on inside all day long. That's why I am so glad that the first thing you see when you step outside the front door is this very brightly colored garden. The chartreuse, purple and green color scheme is lively all summer long, but especially appreciated when those bright greenish-yellow mums bloom in the fall. The purple comes from the last of the tall ageratum and the reblooming 'Frequent Violet' iris. The pale green shrub on the right is helichrysum and the bursts of chartreuse grasses near the front are Japanese ribbon grass. Although it is not really a 'fall' color inspired garden this time of year, I am just happy to have any color at all to brighten these gray days!


Shirley said...

Like you I appreciate touches of colour for days just like that, like the day we are having here in Edmonton today. I planted barberry (Rose Glow and Gold Nugget), evergreens, ninebark and coral bells that still provide colour in leaf form while the trees are losing their vibrant foliage. It helps brighten dreary days for sure.

Pam's English Garden said...

Dear Sheila, I am sorry you have dull days right now. It is cold but sunny here and the fall leaves are magnificent. When the sun fails to shine, thank goodness for flowers and foliage to brighten our days. The blooms outside your door are delightful. Pam x

Orchid de dangau said...

Hi Shelia.

Really ice garden and view. So relaxing...i wish i can be there.
Your blog really nice.