Friday, March 2, 2012

Lavender Time

The lavender is starting to bloom. Be still my heart! I love all my lavenders as they signal the start of Spring. Their dusty colored foliage and vibrant blooms means roses, iris and wisteria is soon to follow. Lavender is a short-lived perennial in our area, requiring to be replaced every three or four years to keep it looking good. It is my go-to plant for sunny areas that I'm not sure what to add to fill in empty spots. I have a number of different varieties for different reasons. I love Spanish lavender for the abundance and color of the blooms. French lavender is so elegant and this year I swear I am going to cut the crop and bundle it to fill baskets throughout the house. My rooms will be filled with lavender potpourri and I will sprinkle it in my bathwater. I am counting every opening blossom!

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RobinL said...

I'm curious why lavendar doesn't last long in your area. It sure is lovely! I have a large clump myself, and I did manage to harvest a bit of it last year for drawer sachets. But they get mangled in my drawers, so this year I'll save some for bouquets intead.