Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Too Hot To Handle

It is still hot - hot - -hot here. Temperatures in the 90's mean it is just best to hang out in the shade and wait for cooler weather before trying to tackle any fall chores in the garden. My spring bulbs that I ordered many months ago should be arriving any day now, but they can wait to be planted until digging holes doesn't feel like a punishment.


Northern Shade said...

Your central lawn looks good with the rim of trunks enclosing it.

The weather forecast here is for snow tonight or tomorrow, so I'm glad that I've got pretty much all of my bulbs planted, and almost all of my perennials moved and planted.

Curbstone Valley Farm said...

We've had the same problem here. It was 102F on Monday, and 104 yesterday! It feels more like July than October. I'm with you, no digging until things cool down!

Plant Stands said...

Waiting...that sounds like a good plan and a good gardening skill to cultivate.