Monday, July 22, 2013

Shady Grapes

We've had a busy few weeks with lots of house guests including grandchildren, both ours and others', visiting. The weather has been mild, but the grapevine tunnel in the Moonlight Garden became a shady retreat for them on days when they were left to their imagination to entertain themselves. I grow the grapes for ornamental purposes since the birds get to them before we do, but the kids had a great time harvesting any that had turned red everyday. Baskets were filled with fruit everyday as they scoured the gardens for something to pick. They thought it was great that they could actually go outside and find something to eat instead of the kitchen!

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Angelika said...

Oh ja das ist für Kinder immer ein schönes Erlebnis meine Liebe. Ein herlich Schatten spendendes Plätzchen hast due da, kann man zur Zeit gutbrauchen bei dieser Hitze.

Liebe Abendgrüße