Friday, February 21, 2014

The Scent of a Spring Garden

Some of my favorite things about a garden cannot be shown in pictures or even conveyed in words. Last evening when I was walking back from getting the mail and then again early this morning when I opened the doors to let the dogs out the sweet smell of spring drifted in, from the pink jasmine I'm assuming. Or maybe some blooming fruit trees in the area or the Indian hawthorns that are starting to wake up? Whatever it was it woke up those hormones in me that say that spring is right around the corner more than anything else I can imagine. The days are getting longer and although we haven't really had a winter, and we are looking forward to the rain in the forecast for next week, the balmy, perfumed evenings are always welcome. Don't forget to think about the scent of the garden and make it a part of the over all plan or it will be missing an important dimension that makes the difference between a nice garden and a magical garden.

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Hoover Boo said...

I agree, fragrance adds a whole other dimension. Sound, too--birds, water.

Here the Orange trees are blooming early. Soooo sweet!