Thursday, May 15, 2014

A Visual Break From The Heat

 It's way to hot to even think about working in the garden so let's just look at some pictures from last month that I took at Easter.

 Usually I would have filled beds with these spring time pretties but because of the drought I chose just to put a few of them in containers placed in strategic places where we will get the most enjoyment out of them for the holiday and the rest of the month.

 I will then plant the perennials like the clematis in a cool spot in the garden near other plants with similar watering needs and the geraniums will be no problem to find a home. 

Hopefully this week will be the last of this terribly hot weather and we can get back to our usual cool weather pattern for this time of year. Then we can complain about our overcast cloudy spring days like we are used to doing in May and June!

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