Saturday, May 30, 2015

Taking a Step Back

 It is easy for me to walk around my gardens and see all the problems. There are so many things that I want to fix, move, change and improve that it sometimes requires discipline to see the really cool things. Places and views that work perfectly to my eye when I step back. Here are a few that I captured today. 

I love this scene above looking east from the backyard. There are just so many shades of green and textures not to mention all the depth from the trees, fountain and canopy  in the distance and the hint of mystery of what is waiting down the steps to the right. The main plants here are all very simple, common garden staples but together they create what I consider a lovely, muted scene.

This picture is actually taken from the exact same spot looking west. If I look closely I could come up with a dozen issues here, from too much bare ground, flowers needing deadheading and of course the chain link fence showing in the background, but in this picture it looks rather inviting to me. I would like to sit and take in the lavender and rose fragrances while admiring the view from those chairs.


Marsha Splenderosa said...

You see, this is a typical dilemma for a designer. We always know we could do something else, something different to make it better. This is why we are never satisfied and will always create. To me, it looks like heaven and I do admire you so for ALL the work and the years you have put into this true labor of love. xx's

RobinL said...

We all need to remember to look over the garden as a whole now and then. We often notice each flower as it blooms, but the over all view is important too.