Saturday, July 25, 2015

Finally Ripening!

 Into the later half of July and we still have overcast mornings, some much needed but unexpected rain, and it is finally starting to get hot enough to turn the tomatoes ripe. I even picked my first fig this morning and will savor it in a couple days with some cheese and honey.

 The tomatoes finally got staked by my son who stopped by a couple weekends ago and made a run to the nursery for me. 

 I have tried to make it as inconvenient as possible for the dogs to get to them and enjoy them before we do. 

 The red among all the foliage is a welcome sight! Along with the different basil that also appreciate the sunny days there is a carpese salad in the near future.

 These oranges have been sweet and tasty for a while, which usually doesn't happen until the heat kicks in to give them some flavor. Must be an excellent variety (that I can't remember) for the coast. It is always a good idea to shop the local nurseries that know what varieties do best in our fickle climate.


Jean Campbell said...

We are all so fortunate who have fresh fruits available. Figs are done here, but pears are just starting with Scuppernong grapes to follow. If we were one zone warmer we'd have citrus without problems.

RobinL said...

Mmmm, caprese salad. Now I'm drooling!