Sunday, November 9, 2008

Pony Tail Palm in Bloom

I have grown Pony Tail Palms before but always as much smaller house plants. This one was a fixture in this garden when we moved in a couple years ago and I kind of take it for granted because the lovely round base of the tree is hidden in a raised planter. Much to my surprise a few weeks ago I noticed that it was blooming. Who knew? I guess it is obvious it would bloom, but I guess I have never seen one mature enough to break into flower (so to speak). I wonder what will happen next?


Mary Beth said...

In May, our mature Ponytail palms bloomed in deep South Texas for the first time I have ever seen - it was considered quite the phenomenon - I didnt' talk to ANYONE who had ever seen one bloom!

Nancy said...

OH! I'd never seen one bloom either. My mom has one that I suspect is close to mature, I'll have to tell her to be on the lookout for it to bloom.