Sunday, December 7, 2008

Agave + Messy Tree = Problem

I am by no means an overly neat and tidy gardener. I like my plants to interact but this is one thing that drives me crazy. We have a big Brazilian Pepper tree in the back yard in SJC and they are notoriously messy. Near the very edge of the drip line in another level of the yard altogether is a large stand of yuccas and green agaves that is the cornerstone of a garden bed that I am developing. Those agaves always look like they need a good cleaning, which they get often, but they still always look like the picture above.

I would think that the debris would hold in the moisture and eventually rot the agave but that doesn't seem to be the case. I'm not about to remove the tree and the agaves aren't going anywhere soon, so I guess I had just better start thinking of them as little compost bins. But I will note the lesson learned here. Watch what you plant around some of these messy, messy trees.


tina said...

What a pain and very good advice. I think it is good the agaves don't rot-gotta find the positive now.

Frances said...

Hi Sheila, we used to live in Fullerton, and there was a pepper tree nearby that was constantly dropping stuff all over. The people used blowers every morning, or paid someone to, to clean the paved areas. It does seem like you have to accept those conditions if you don't want to remove the tree or the agaves. Your design plan sounds great though.

Julie said...

Ain't it the truth??? Up at our local college, where a lot of cactus and agaves are planted, they get covered with...of all things...pine needles! Talk about an impossible situation!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Ewwww! No thanks. They wouldn't fit in my garden anywho. I had no idea what a pain they were.

Anonymous said...

Hi Shiela,

Oh, so true! That and flaxes too... it can really make the compulsive side of me go nuts if i look too hard into the center!
And its a great reminder that I will keep in mind everytime i design, because I use flax and agave a lot!