Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Rain At Last

After going for about seven months with only about a half-inch of rain, we finally had a few welcome wet days last week. By the looks of this wagon, it was about two or three inches here in SJC. It is enough to calm the fire season down and give the native plants a much needed wake up call so they will start to green-up and bloom.

It is also a good start on the much needed leaching process of the salts that accumulate in the top soils due to the high alkaline water that we get piped in from the Colorado River. The leaves of the avocado trees are particularly sensitive to this condition and they all look terrible with brown tips that reach half way into the leaf.


tina said...

Yeah for the rain! I am so not familiar with California, but if you are in southern Cali, this is indeed a good day!

Mother Nature's Garden said...

I catch rain for my houseplants.

Julie said...

joy and happiness!!! hip hip hooray!!!

Cameron (Defining Your Home) said...

I can't imagine that much drought. We had a long drought last year here in North Carolina. This summer brought us a lot of rain.

Glad you got your precious rain at last! :-)