Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Lazy Alliums

I planted a number of different types of alliums last fall and these allium cowanii are the first to bloom. Unfortunately the first couple that have opened have a distinctively lazy attitude as you can see by these pictures.
I don't know what causes bulbs to produce weak stems because that is what appears to be going on here. The unopened blooms stand tall and then it is almost like they get top-heavy and topple over. I will have to watch the rest of them to see if it is just the early bloomers or they have all gone prone.


cindee said...

I love alliums(-: I have the big purple kind too! I can't wait to see them bloom!!!

Gardeness said...

Alliums! That's what I planted and has been showing just the leaves since a couple months ago. I wish I had even the lazy blooms! I also love that passion flower in the previous post. I miss that little vine.