Sunday, August 8, 2010

Disney on the Rebound

The 'Disneyland' Rose put on quite a show in the spring, but the foliage was a mess. They had a terrible case of black spot, some rust, rose slugs, a bit of mildew and anything else that can besiege a rose. I attribute this to the poor soil and the transition over to organic methods. After cutting them back to almost nothing and stripping all the foliage as well as amending the soil and a dose of alfalfa tea, they have come back looking robust and healthy, although not quite as full of blooms as a few months ago. I am happy to see them rebound, now hopefully they will stay that way!

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Lucy said...

I'm not sure . . . I'm not familiar with alfalfa except in salad as a bean sprout . . . so I don't know if you really use an infusion of it as a fertiliser or it's a metaphor for a general tonic . . . um . . .

Glad it worked though!