Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Big Lawn

The front lawn is often called the "play" lawn at our house. It is used almost daily for wearing out our young energetic dogs. The grandkids play all kinds of ball games here when they visit as well as navigating the DG tricycle track that surrounds the lawn . Here is my brother-in-law to-be a couple weeks ago playing a fierce game of croquet. Another favorite is bocce ball. It is probably the most peaceful garden on the SJC property as it is the home of the Moonlight Garden with only white flowers and all kinds of shades of green foliage. It has shady spots and sunny areas that evolve as the sun moves overhead. There are a number of different seating areas that allow the observer to see the gardens from different angles. Although it is a large lawn it is drought tolerant (as lawns go) and entirely organic and a very important part of our home, as any lawns should be these days.

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