Thursday, March 24, 2011

More Wisteria

For many years I grew one of my favorite vines, Morning Glories (I know, I know!) over the arbor in the middle of my Laguna garden. I love the beautiful blue flowers and the easy nature of this plant, but eventually it developed a thick thatch that was more unattractive than lovely, as well as taking over everything in sight and had to go.

I took it all out and put in wisteria since this is a very sturdy structure. After two years it is just starting to grow up to the top of the arbor and I expect it to start rambling this year after it is finished blooming.

I am looking forward to next year when the blooms should be hanging through the long arbor over the seating area. I do use a lot of blues and purples in this garden and the addition of this vertical planting will be a nice touch.


Ami said...

Blue and purple have always been my favorite colors in the garden. I can imagine what a beautiful scene will be when all those purple wisteria climing up. It will be very relaxing sitting on the chair with a wine or coffee in hand :)

Masha said...

I think wisteria is a great choice. It looks lovely already, and will be spectacular next year.

Jess said...

It is lovely stuff. Here it is more invasive than well, pretty much anything other than kudzu, and it is on the no plant list for the state. However, it is literally everywhere (hence the super invasive category), so I get to enjoy it none the less. It eats houses and such of course, so you can't stand beside it too long or else.