Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Moving the Clivias

Years ago I bought a number of yellow clivia plants on sale and used them to line what was once this shady flight of steps that lead into the Laguna garden. They multiplied and grew and formed a lovely sight every spring. Unfortunately they lived under the big myoporum tree that succumbed to thrips last year and had to be removed, leaving the shade loving perennials exposed to the sun all day. Although they don't look too bad in this photo, the leaves and flowers are burnt and brown in spots from direct sun (granted, we haven't had that much this year so far) and will have to be dug up, separated and replanted in another shady spot. The good news is that there will be plenty to bring over to the SJC garden. I do love the brilliant orange clivia, but I find the soft yellow ones easier to blend into the existing garden color schemes. They grow very easily in our climate that gets no frost and are rarely bothered by any pests other than maybe snails and slugs. Lovely foliage year round, dependable blooms that last about a month and a tolerance for dry conditions make them a staple throughout my shady gardens.


Carla said...

I love clivias too. I only have three clumps right now and have had those for about 3 years. I really have to keep ours in the shade too, with our hot summers they would burn up. Mine are in bloom right now.

Really like these steps, what a great idea.

Enjoyed my visit to your blog today and keep it on my blogroll.

Kathleen said...

Oh Sheila, I envy you the clumps of yellow clivias. I have admired them for years so to think they grow outdoors and do so well is amazing when you live in a cold climate. I have two orange ones I purchased two years ago but I haven't found any yellow locally yet. Of course I have to bring them indoors most of the year but at least they flowered this winter for me! Good luck transplanting yours.