Saturday, May 21, 2011

Getting Ready

The garden in SJC will be open all day today to the UCCE Master Gardeners for their annual tour. The biggest part of getting ready? Deadheading. That and pulling out a few weeds that have grown to plant size proportions because my garden helper can't tell if they are something I planted or a weed. Sometimes neither can I!


FlowerLady said...

Hope your day is a lovely one. I'm sure everyone will enjoy being in your lovely gardens.

Are the blue flowers ageratums?


HolleyGarden said...

That pic is beautiful! I'm very much behind on deadheading, too. I'm certain your garden will be lovely. A weed or two is charming, so don't stress. Hope it goes well - have a good time!

Donna said...

I would have to have blooms to deadhead...I sometimes can't tell the weeds until they bloom...hope it is a grand day!!

Sheila said...

Flowerlady - yes, that is tall ageratum!