Monday, February 13, 2012

Good-bye Winter

It would not be Spring (yes, I'm skipping the rest of winter and moving straight into Spring) without lots of snowdrops, narcissus and daffodils in my gardens. I have yet to plant my beloved snowdrops in SJC and although they were in their glory in Laguna, along with hundreds of daffodils, I didn't have my camera with me while I was there yesterday. I can't think of any flower that sends a clearer message to winter that it is time to move on than these easy, eager bulbs that naturalize so readily for us here in Southern California. I can't imagine my garden without them!

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Curbstone Valley Farm said...

I'm starting to think, looking out at our orchard with fruit trees in bloom, and the daffodils just opening, that winter is mostly done for us. I agree, it feels like spring, with blooms like these, it's starting to look like it too!