Saturday, February 25, 2012

White Azaleas

When we moved into the SJC property there were palm trees, grass and azaleas. Lots of azaleas (lots of grass and palms trees too, but those are other posts). Unfortunately there where large beds of these white ones right by the front door, and although they are lovely when in bloom, they are not self cleaning and when the flowers faded it looked like limp, dank, brown hankies were draped all over the plants.  There were hundreds of blooms and it was not easy to clean them up. I ended up moving them to a shady part of the yard where they are lovely when in bloom, but not in your face during their blooming demise, blending in the shadows more than their previous location. It has taken a few years for them to come back to blooming in abundance, and they probably still aren't there yet, but they are a sea of lovely green and white during the winter months in the Moonlight Garden when little else is capturing the limelight. Now we're all happy!

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