Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Hellebore Joy

In a quiet little corner in my garden in SJC by the front door is one of my favorite winter bloomers, this beautiful hellebore. I have a few white ones in the Moonlight Garden but they don't bloom like this pretty magenta one, of which I have long since forgot the name. I love their dainty little nodding blooms, their umbrella like foliage and the fact that when there is little else to thrill me in the garden during the winter months, they are happy to do so. Another favorite attribute - they last for weeks when cut and put in a small vase.  This one thrives in dappled shade with regular water and will bloom for a couple months. I doubt I have ever recommended to someone to plant it when giving a garden consult, being a rather unassuming plant, but I wouldn't have a garden without it!

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