Thursday, June 26, 2008

Sally and the Loquat Tree

I inherited the loquat tree in the Laguna garden. It was most likely planted by the birds many years ago as they pop up everywhere with great enthusiasm. If you are not familiar with them they are a tropical fruit that somewhat resembles an apricot in color and texture but are smaller and more oval in shape. They are quite tasty and they have three large seeds in the center of each fruit. I eat them all them time while working in the garden, but I never really harvest them for some reason. The birds and I are the only ones that really eat them come to think of it. They are actually a member of the rose family and some people plant them in place of magnolia trees because they have large dark green leaves with fuzzy brown backsides much like a magnolia, but the similarity ends there.

The rose is a Sally Holmes climber, one of a dozen that I have growing over arbors that adorn the steps down to the eucalyptus grove at the bottom of the garden.


titania said...

The rose arbor is beautiful. I like to eat Loquats straight from the tree. There are different qualities too, some are absolutely delicious, some are o.k. and some are, you don't want to know about them!

Nancy J. Bond said...

Both your loquat tree and rose arbor are beautiful. Loquat trees are evergreen, yes? Gorgeous foliage.

Sheila said...

Nancy, yes the loquat tree is evergreen, thanks for the comment!