Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Bluest Blue

I think plumbago has about the truest blue flowers of any shrub I can think of at this time. I love the phlox-like blooms. This one has been growing at the bottom of the hill in my Laguna garden for many years, thriving on neglect. I am looking for some white ones for my moonlight garden, but haven't run across any lately.


Layanee said...

You are right! That is a beautiful blue but it would have to come in the house for the winter here. I need a bigger house! Lovely.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous shade of blue on that shrub. I will have to consider Plumbago for my garden. Wonder if it's a perennial or annual in my zone 7b garden.

joco said...

Hiya Sheila,

You have no idea how envious this post makes me :-)

I must have planted this climber six times, inside the greenhouse, in pots inside the house, in the entrance hall, in the living room.
Never any luck at all.They sulk and die.

And yet I have seen it in a green house of a large garden here in the UK. So it ought to be possible.

Yours is so huge: a banquet next to what I tried as a simple sandwich. And even that without luck.

Treasure it!

Robin Wedewer said...

Oooooh. I love the blue too. I'm not familiar with the plumbago. I'll need to look more closely into this one.

Robin Wedewer
National Gardening Examiner
(and chicken lover)