Thursday, September 11, 2008

Sweet 100's Maybe?

The other day I was watching my favorite gardening show (Gardener's Diary) and the backyard garden they were visiting had neat, little, very professional looking labels for all the plants. Honestly, I have seen botanical gardens with less organized information! I was very impressed. I used to make a point of trying to label my plants that I have many different types of like roses, iris and daylilies.

I used those lovely little copper tags inserted into the soil with a label typed out from my Brother P-Touch label maker (I have terrible handwriting). That was many moons ago, these days I am lucky if I get the plants into the ground in the correct season, forget about labeling them.

Which brings me to my point. I forget the name of these little tiny tomatoes I have growing, but they are delicious and very charming and as you can see, itsy bitsy.


Kathleen said...

Oh, that is my favorite gardening show too but I haven't seen it in forever! I thought it was off the air? I need to check the listings and see when it comes on in my time zone. I have never labeled anything ~ that seems like a huge task to me ~ so anyone who take the time to do it is superman/woman to me!

Jean said...

Sorry, I don't know the name of those tomatoes but they do look yummy. I also used to label my plants but then I just let that habit slip away. And I don't miss it! :-)