Wednesday, December 10, 2008


I do love brugmansias, also known as Angel Trumpets, most of the time. I have a number of older ones in the gardens in Laguna and I was quick to put some in the garden when we moved into SJC.

They can be ornery plants at times. They get leggy and sometimes refuse to bloom. They seem to attract a variety of insects at different times of the year and they can be downright messy when they drop their blooms. But when they bloom they are sooooo lovely and fragrant that I forget all of their problems.
These two blooms are on one scraggley plant outside the side door in SJC. I don't know the cultivar, but they are double whites, and I do love them - at least today.


tina said...

Double the delight! I love the angels. My only problem is they are marginally hardy here.

Cameron (Defining Your Home) said...

Lovely white!

I was able to over-winter two outside in my garden last year here in North Carolina. Mine are yellow, but I think I like your white much better!


Anne said...

So gorgeous! The blossoms remind me of ball gowns.