Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Something is Doing My Dividing Chores for Me

If you closely at this stand of scabiosa (pincushion flower) you will see that a number of the plants have been pulled up by the roots. I have no idea what is foraging around in this garden. Maybe a raccoon or opossum looking for grubs? I know there are rabbits but they normally don't pull thing up nor do the dogs or cats. I guess I should just give up and get busy relocating the little plants to a section of the garden that could use some more plants!


Cameron (Defining Your Home) said...

It could be any number of critters foraging, even birds. Since the foliage isn't clean cut (as with scissors), I doubt it's a rabbit. Since there's foliage at all, I doubt it's a deer. That is good news, actually... you don't want those critters in your garden.

The scabiosa should be fine as long as they don't take the entire plant out of the ground.

Hope nothing else happens!


tina said...

Now, if you could just get the culprit to plant them!

Gail said...

Hi! I find this in my garden... I blame chipmunks and squirrels! The little rodents!


Titania said...

I have a jalapeno bush and it had about 15 beautiful fat, green jalapenos. I was waiting for them to get ripe and red to make chili jam. One morning I checked my chillies and they were all gone, neatly taken, nothing on the floor. I haven't got a clue which creature has taken off with my jalapenos. Perhaps a possum or a rat, or...? I am standing before a riddle like you.