Monday, February 23, 2009

Iris in February

I love iris. I look forward to their first dramatic blooms of the season which usually start in about May in our climate. Right now this is how they look in the garden as they shed their old foliage and new emerges. You can see how they form a ring around the 'mother' rhizome. They will need to be divided in another year or two in order to keep them blooming.


tina said...

They look just like mine right now. Maybe a bit larger.

Darla said...

Can't wait to see mine bloom too!!
Those signs of spring.....what a breath of fresh air.

Kerri said...

Mine are nowhere in sight...buried under the latest snow. Still snowing and blowing here.
I'll be very happy to see my iris when the time comes :)

VW said...

My iris aren't so far along, and they probably won't bloom until June. But anticipation is half the fun! - VW