Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Fast Groundcover

I typically use ornamental sweet potato vines (ipomoea batatas) in containers to spill over the sides. Last spring I had a four inch pot of 'Marguerita' left over and stuck it in the ground in a spot waiting to be covered by some slower growing miniature roses. Watch out! This guy will grow up your leg while you are walking past! We have had to rescue the roses from it a number of times. It will die back in the winter and I am pretty sure I will find it a new home since it is encroaching on the nearby sidewalk!


Gail said...

It's a really wonderful and versatile planting...I've seen it covering a hillside. gail

mosaicqueen said...

I have it growing in a pot right now and I'm surprised the heat hasn't killed it yet. Each time that I've planted it in the ground, it doesn't do as well. I love that green!!


Wayne Stratz said...

great idea.