Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Not-So-Successful Veggie Garden

With all of the best intentions starting out, the pretty little vegetable garden in SJC has been less than what I would call successful. Between the rabbits, birds, raccoons, opossums and our own dogs there has been little produce left over for us! We have not had one tomato off these enormous plants mainly because when they are green and of good size they start to resemble tennis balls and my dogs remove them to play with them.
All the other fruits and vegetables seem to disappear in the night with the exception of these big red cabbages and garlic. We will definitely need to put up a lot more fencing next season! Somehow having a Wildlife Sanctuary and a vegetable garden do not work well together. Thank goodness for farmer's markets!


Heather said...

Sheila- The first year I had a garden on my place, we didn't quite live here yet. The deer ate me blind. They next year we lived here and got a dog in the spring. After a few instructions to the dog not to lay in the raised beds, all has been well. My favorite garden motto: Better luck next time. That seems to be what keeps me going.

lynn'sgarden said...

I've given up on my vegetable garden too, this season. High hopes dashed quickly and early by deer (more than usual this year!)..I only have cherry tomatoes left. I agree with Heather, better luck next time!

Teresa said...

Sorry about all your uninvited guests. The dog with the tomatoes cracks me up. I can relate. I used to have a dog like that. She would do anything to play ball. Hopefully next year a good fence will help.